Core Members

Nikhil Varghese


An idea junkie, and business and robotics enthusiast with an obsession for philosophy, debating and books, it's no surprise Nikhil found his place in ISTE. When he isn't occupied attending an ISTE meet or heading LSD's DebSoc, you'll usually find him trying to talk someone into watching Doha Debates or binging the Explained series on Netflix. Don't ever bring up GOT around him though, it's a touchy topic.

Aditya Rastogi

Joint Convener; Crypt SIG Head

A computer geek, Star Wars geek and community geek, Rastogi is popularly known in ISTE for not just being a gamer, but a game developer as well. Having recently earned a PPO after his internship at Intuit, he’s also lovingly known in the club as ‘Obi-Wan Rastogi’. “Ben Solo is the protagonist for the sequels. Change my mind.”

Amodh Shenoy

Chairperson; Chronicle SIG Head

A super nerd who loves overnight coding sessions and occasionally writes about things that amuse him, we have Shenny to thank for ISTE’s lovely website. Hit him up if you’re ever looking to have a conversation about manga!

Amith Vijayan

Chief Coordinator; Create SIG Head

Enchanted by minimalism, and on a quest to find the best chai in the world, Amith is a designer, photographer, avid traveller, has interned professionally as a graphic designer and has led multiple media teams across campus, is a TEDx co-producer and currently heads the Baja Media team . How he finds the time to be in so many places at once, while also binging Sam Kolder, the Daily Show and Yes Theory, truly remains a-myth.

Aditya Manjunath

Technical Coordinator

An electronics hobbyist with a passion for research, movie lover, foodie and ambivert, Manjunath is currently the Convener for Engineer's Technites, is extremely passionate about tennis, and never says no to a good trek.

Abhijeet Singh

Catalyst SIG Head

A man of few words, Abhijeet is our youngest core member, loves travelling and has deep curiosity for how things are built at scale.

Aaron Sequeira

Charge SIG Head

A hard-core hardware developer, having recently earned a PPO from Texas Instruments, Aaron considers himself a jack of all trades, that occasionally dabbles in software, food and witchcraft (yes, you read that right) and never fails to attend an ISTE Trip.

Prabhansh Pandey

Charge SIG Head

Prabhansh’s display picture (on the right) is an accurate depiction of his usual reaction to the words “Analog Electronics”. A potterhead and big fan of Shinchan, currently interning at Reliance Industries, Prabhansh also thoroughly enjoys munching on food.

Aswin R

Chronicle SIG Head

Notoriously known for his questionable choice of tshirts, Aswin brought with him, to Chronicle, his deep love for anime, having watched 8500 episodes and counting. Besides his brilliant track record of wasting time, Aswin also has quite a few notable credentials such as having interned at Reliance as well, holding the title of national abacus champion in his younger years, and being the proud winner of a heated argument on an anime forum.

Raahul Ravichander

Clutch SIG Head

A petrolhead first and gearhead second, Raahul’s fascination with anything that runs on wheels and gears earned him an internship at Baja Auto Limited. Currently captain of the FSAE NITK Racing team, Raahul is a connoisseur of bad movies and sitcoms. Ask him about The Office and be prepared for a one hour long lecture.

Sainath Rakesh

Clutch SIG Head

Deeply interested in mechanical design and solid modelling, Sainath is also a great badminton, TT and Chess player, who also occasionally watches a lot of anime.

Aaron George

Concrete SIG Head

A civil engineering and data enthusiast, and movie buff, you’ll usually find Aaron binging movies you’ve probably never heard of, or on Analytics Vidhya leaderboards.

Rashmi Raj

Concrete SIG Head

An amateur mythologist on her journey to demystify myths, Rashmi’s interests are structural engineering, AI and ML. She also enjoys spending her free time reading fiction and cooking.

Nikhil Nair

Create SIG Head

ISTE’s “buddy” and gourmand, Nikhil Nair is an Indie Game developer, Digital Artist and Synthwave aficionado!

Shreya Raghavendra

Credit SIG Head

For Shreya, delving into anything animals, food and music, is the celebration that follows after finally fixing that ML error after hours spent on it, or having understood something abstruse about trading and the stock market. The best part of her day is watching her biomedical model finally train, while puppies have a dress-up party on YouTube, and her mom yells at her for wreaking havoc in the kitchen trying to make a cheesecake for the 100th time.

Aman Kureel

Credit SIG Head

Having interned in fields like Analytics, Marketing and Business Strategy with a penchant for Strategy, it's no surprise that Aman is also a huge fan of Tommy Shelby. Aman loves to work around on multiple things at once and loves to interpret idiosyncratic perspectives when it comes to philosophy, as a result of which he also happens to be peculiarly interested in Stoicism.

Ishan Nedumkunnel

Crypt SIG Head

If you’re a fitness freak, you’ve probably run into Ishan flexing his guns at the NITK gym. A fitness and powerlifting enthusiast, Ishan recently completed a summer internship at Microsoft, and subsequently earning a PPO. Blockchain, ML and anything related to math keeps him going!

Auxillary Core Members

Sai Shruti Prakhya

Social Initiatives Head

A third year civil engineering student and an active member of ISTE Concrete. With an avid interest in the various disciplines of Civil Engineering, she also likes to spend her time reading books, watching movies and writing on topics she’s passionate about.

Anshuman Sinha


Nurtures a deep interest in the human mind; shaping a career in theoretical artificial intelligence but goes around as a hopeless poet. He has a twisted ambiguous perception about people in general and is a firm believer in 'Only the Paranoid Survive'.

Annette Elsa

Publicity Coordinator

Foodie, Overthinker, Adrenaline Junkie, known for putting her life on the edge plentiful times. A crazy workaholic, who loves exploring new fields and is passionate about poetry and economics. If not busy learning something new , typing away or sleeping, you’d find her looking up restaurants featured on Tasty or videos on Shark infested pools and surviving a free fall.

Luv Nambiar

Publicity Coordinator

A proactive student striving towards technical and professional excellency, believing in hard work and driven to fulfill his goals, you've probably seen our "one Luv", run around campus as the Joint Secretary of the Student Council in the year 2019-20.

Neha Pai

Blog Coordinator

A crime show junkie who can binge on Netflix documentaries forever. Loves food and caffeine a little too much. Music, Art and Poetry are what get her going.

Executive Members

Aastha Chowdhary
Abhishek Choudhary
Abhived Nair
Adithya LHS
Aditya J Karia
Aditya Jain
Aditya Reddy
Aditya Satpute
Aditya Shrikhande
Amey Shimpi
Amogha Somayaji
Anchit Goel
Animesh Kumar
Aniruddh Sujish
Anirudhan Balaji
Ankit Karody
Ankush Chandrashekar
Anmol Verma
Arjun A
Arpitha Yoga
Avikal Sagar
Ayush Arun Singh
Bhajan Barman
Bhaskar Kataria
Bhupathiraju Sai Ram Karthik Varma
Bikram Sarkar
Chinmayan Pradeep
Chinmayi C. Ramakrishna
Devanshu Gupta
Devendra Gayari
Drishti Rawat
Fatwir Sheikh Mohammed
Hassan Kausar
Hrithik Bhat
Jagadish B.C
Keerthana K
Kunal Motwani
Lakshmisha S N
Manan Poddar
Mansi Saxena
Mihir BL
Mohammed Rushad
Mrutyunjay Kalyani
Navneeth Anil Kumar
Neil Poonatar
Nihal V Palankar
Nihar KG Rai
Niveditha Pradeep
Prakruti Vora
Prasanna Venkatesan R
Prateek Sahu
Praveen Maiya
Priyanka Das
Priyankaa P
Priyesh Gandhi
Rahul Rajesh
Reshma S R
Rohan Garg
Rohit Yatgiri
Rohith Saji
Sachin Doddamani
Sahana Shanbhag
Sam Madathil Sabu
Samarth Hadimani
Samartha P
Sathvika B Mahesh
Satwik Arya
Saurabh Kaushik
Saurabh Tiwari
Shankar Suresh
Shashank Sagar
Shishir Volety
Shreehari M
Shreyank R
Shreyas Bhat
Shubhang Bhandarkar
Sumanth Reddy K V
Suraj Kumar L
Surya Prakash Reddy Putluru
Swarnangshu Ghosh
Tarun M
Utkarsha Suman
Varghese George
Varun Majji Soma
Varun Ramadurai
Vineet Pujari
Vishakh Rao