Crypt, an abbreviation of ‘Cryptography', is a SIG which aims to overcome technological barriers by implementing new versatile software and technologies. From hackathons, coding competitions and web designing, to App development, AR/VR workshops and Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs), this SIG caters to those who are eager to showcase their skills in the field of Computers. While Crypt is primarily known for its annual flagship event Cryptonite, it is also the brain behind the ISTE Website and the Scotland Yard app.

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Projects 2020-21

CI/CD pipeline using K8

A project to build a CI/CD pipeline using Kubernetes engine which will help in the deployment of other applications.

Colorisation of Black And White Images via Generative Adverserial Networks

Attempt to build a model which can generate beleivable RGB equivalent of a given grayscale image.

Dank Learning

The aim of the project is to develop a Neural Network which given any image can produce a humorous and relevant caption and experiment with methods to improve performance.

NDN Reddit

The project is aimed at building an app and a website that resembles reddit using a new upcoming networking framework called Named Data Networking (NDN).

Python web application honey pot

We will be contributing snare and tanner, an open source web application honeypot


Generate Hand-drawn sketches of animals, objects, etc using Generative Neural Networks and Autoencoders

Voice Navigator

The aim of the project is to design an application that helps in locomotion/navigation of people with failing eyesight by prompting obstacles and objects lying in front of them. The application is desired to be fully controlled by voice prompts. Therefore, it can also be used by children for educational purposes to learn and recognize the name of common objects.