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Projects 2020-21

Analysis of Indian Textile Industry

Analysing the indian textile export industry with focus on its trade relations with China and the impact of COVID 19 using inferential and prescriptive analytics

Analysis on the effectiveness of candlestick patterns

The study on the formation of candlestick patterns will be done to find out the different candlestick patterns and identify its accuracy.

Consumer behavior towards online education in India

This project is basically the study & analyse the preference and perception of customers towards online education in India when compared to traditional classroom form of education, challenges faced ,their advantages & disadvantages using a data driven approach.

Economics of Space Commercialization

Exploring the economic benefits of expanding the commercial use of space.

Effective Marketing strategies and study of consumer behavior in the Beverage industry

The project focuses on different companies in the Beverage industry and helps us understand the impact that their marketing strategy had on consumers.

Importance of Financial Education and Techniques for its Effective Implementation

Quantify the impact financial literacy in the education system, on the financial success of a person and suggest methods to implement the necessary changes/measures.

Money Laundering

We aim to analyze the illegal process of money laundering in India and its impacts on the economy. We would also discuss the effects demonetization and COVID 19 had on it. Lastly, we shall perform a thorough analysis of the 2010 Commonwealth Games scam which involved the process of money laundering at a national level.

Sentiments of companies functioning in the Gig Economy

With the exponential rise in companies operating in the gig-economy, and with the advent of technology, companies have realized the potential of running their entire core business availing the services of employees on a freelance basis. This project would aim at taking in consideration the sentiments of companies and analyzing their functioning in a gig economy.