Concrete, as the name suggests is a special interest group that focuses on implementing ideas in the field of civil engineering. It is a group of both talented and passionate people who believe in putting new and innovative ideas into action which is well reflected by the projects that were completed in the past year. We implement software simulations and try our hands in various interdisciplinary projects amongst other projects involiving Structural, Geo-Tech and Environmental Engineering. Every year, Concrete also conducts events and workshops to improve skills that are vital for every budding civil engineer.Our flagship event 'Buildcraft' attracts a lot of people trying their hands in construction management. Our team consists of competent final years and third years who are open to, and encourage novel ideas that can make a difference.

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Projects 2020-21

Design and Analysis of Bridge Girders using IRC, Euro codes and AASHTO specifications

The project aims to give a best girder design with optimized materials by analysing different self-designed bridge girders, their shear force, bending moment and checking their efficiency using STAAD Pro.

Design and Analysis of a Green Commercial Complex in NITK using BIM

The aim of the project is to build a model of a commercial complex in our campus. We plan to build a sustainable, eco-friendly and energy efficient building using cutting edge tech like BIM

Design and Seismic Analysis of a Building

The aim of the project is to design a seismically resistant G+6 RCC building in a Zone 3 region of India. We also aim to compare various seismic retrofitting measures for existing structures and propose a suitable one as per zone.

Pothole Detector

The aim of the project is to train models to detect the potholes from an input image of the road.

Wind Load Analysis of Buildings with and without Shear Wall

The aim of the project is to understand how wind loads affect high-rise buildings with and without shear walls. STAAD Pro V8i software will be used for this purpose. Effectiveness and cost of shear walls will also be evaluated.