Clutch is the mechanical SIG of ISTE. We are enthusiastic about all things mech, from automobiles to aerodynamics, from thermo to mechanics, from robotics to dynamics, and the list just goes on. We take up projects based on experimentation, build working models as well as those based on simulation. We also conduct various software-based and theoretical KEPs throughout the year and conduct events focused on skills learned in KEPs and develop an interest in the topic for both the members as well as those taking part in the events.

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Projects 2020-21

Alloy Property Prediction Using Neural Networks

An ML model that takes as inputs composition of hypothetical alloy and process parameters and outputs plausible mechanical properties

Analysis and Simulation of exhaust back pressure for engine braking

The project aims to analyse the amount and effeciency of the braking power obtained by an exhaust brake on a typical 2 wheeler engine

Energy efficient delivery glider

Its an energy efficient autonomous power glider which can be used for delivery of item to any specific location.

Exhaust tuning of KTM390 engine

In an internal combustion engine, the geometry of the exhaust system can be optimised to maximize the power output of the engine. In this project we aim to tune exhaust runner lenght so that the reflected pressure waves reach at the exhaust port at a particular time.