Chronicle is more than just a Literary SIG. It's a group of people who converge with their offbeat interests and ideas to create beautiful things—Chronicle's members bond over a wish to add an aesthetic twist to an otherwise purely technical coterie. From the campus-wide adventure event- Scotland Yard, to the aptly named Spectacle, from the quintessential bookworms' go-to event, Bibliophile to the various Knowledge Exchange Programs and workshops conducted on topics across the board, Chronicle has something fun for everyone!

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Projects 2020-21

ISTE Late Night Podcast

Your beloved college podcast is back again!

Short Film

Product of an inter-SIG collab between Chronicle and Create SIGs to script, direct and shoot a short film.

The Way you Make me Feel : Background Score Analysis

An analysis into how various musical background scores in movies affect your emotions and perception of the scenes in movies.