ISTE Charge is the SIG for budding engineers passionate about everything electronic. One of its flagship events is the Basic Electronics Workshops which introduces freshers to common electronic components and the world of microcontrollers. Charge also holds other technical events that bridge the gaps between theory and practicals such as the Tech Dev workshops on different domains in ECE and EEE and Technovate, a competition that tests the participants' ability to creatively solve engineering problems. Besides these, Charge members work on challenging projects throughout the academic year in fields like Robotics, Internet of Things, and Signal Processing, to name a few, that are displayed to professors and fellow students on the annual Club Project Expo.

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Projects 2020-21

Eye-Controlled Wheelchair

People with physical handicaps find it difficult to move from one place to another. In case of complete paralysis, even joystick-based wheelchairs are difficult to use and the user would have to depend on others for locomotion. Controlling the wheelchair with the help of the user's eye gaze helps to overcome dependence on others and makes movement easier.

Hardware Assisted SSL

This project aims at designing an FPGA-based embedded system integrating hardware that accelerates cryptographic algorithm. Once verified, a VLSI implementation of the same will be made.

Implementation of CNNs on FPGA

A tool which synthesizes the inference model in verilog for any given deep learning model developed using any python framework.

Medical Image Segmentation

Nuclei Segmentation of colorectal histopathology images.

Real time Speech Recognition system

This project aims to implement ideas accumulated from several research papers (cited by multiple more, hence reliable) to develop a fully functional model of a speech recogniser/ speech to text converter. The interface should accept input in the form of audio, process it and output relevant text in real time.

Wireless Solar Lithium ion charger

The aim of this project is to create wireless solar charger which can charge battery pack made of lithium ion cells.