Catalyst is our latest SIG focused on chemical engineering activities. Formed by a small group of enthusiastic members, and being the only SIG across all clubs on campus to lay emphasis exclusively on aspects of chemical engineering, Catalyst aims to be the SIG that gives a boost to those looking to have a future in the same field. Our team consists of competent final years and third years who are open to and encourage novel ideas that can make a difference. The SIG plans to continue holding Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs) and undertake various interesting projects and events in the future.

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Projects 2020-21

Modelling Of Waste Water Treatment Using ASM

In this project, we explore how water purification is done on an industrial scale. Modelling of Activated Sludge Process which is a widely used process will be done. The model will be implemented using MATLAB-Simulink Software to capture the mathematical model describing the process.

Simulation Model for Biodiesel Production embedded with MPC using PFR

This project aims to model and simulate Biodiesel Production embedded with MPC using the Plug flow reactor. MPC is used to steer a process to operate at the values given from the optimization calculation step.