Crypt | 2019

Build a platform like Olx for NITK. It will be an intelligent platform. Like say I want to sell a book, To do so, I can take an image of that book, our platform will detect which book it is and keep it at the relevant place in the database. We can implement smart Recommender systems so as to suggest products to the users. (require ML, OpenCV, Dev and Concepts of os if we make our system scalable) Also, If we can implement a scalable, user-friendly system, that will be helpful for the college and we can make it open source so that other colleges can use it too. Firstly we will implement the system only for books but later we can expand it for other items. We also wish to expand this system for building the platform for the Night Canteens of NITK so they can deliver orders efficiently and much of the mundane tasks can be automated.