Review of Coir Reinforced Mud blocks Stabilised with Seashell Powder

Concrete | 2018

Sustainable Development is an area that focuses on resource efficiency, energy efficiency and affordability. So is its case in the field of construction. Sustainable development in construction activities is the most mandatory and essential factor that should be taken into account. Local techniques, technology, resources and materials are a good starting point for research or implementation of projects. It should correspond to local conditions, reflect and respect climatic conditions and demand a minimum amount of maintenance. Some of the green building methods like Wood Fibre insulation, Rice husk ash, Magnesium oxide cement (i.e eco cement), Fly-Ash technology, Flash Bricks and Earth Blocks (which reduce the energy requirements) etc are in great use around the globe. In this project materials have been chosen so as to produce a construction material that has low embodied energy 

Sustainable Development