Wind Load Analysis of Buildings with and without Shear Wall

Concrete | 2020

Shear walls are specially designed structural walls included in the buildings to resist horizontal forces that are induced in the plane of the wall due to wind, earthquake and other forces. In recent decades, shear walls structures are the most appropriate structural forms, which has helped us build tall buildings. Present high-rise buildings have more complicated structural behavior than before. Therefore, studying the structural systems and associated behavior of these types of structures is very interesting. In this project, the analysis of G+10 reinforced RCC buildings with and without shear wall will be done. The analysis is done using designing software STAAD Pro V8i. Different models with the different conditions of shear wall will be considered for analysis. We will study the effects of displacements in different directions, behavior in each storey, structural stability and flexibility, economy, etc. We will also compare the results of all the models and determine the most effective model.

shear wall
wind load