Exhaust tuning of KTM390 engine

Clutch | 2020

This project aim to tune KTM 390 engine by modifying the exhaust runner length. Wave tuning is a concept which increases the volumetric efficiency of a naturally aspirated engine by providing a scavenging effect to clear out residual gases and increase inflow of fresh charge. We will be using a 1-D engine simulation software which is a reliable means to test the varying intake and exhaust systems of an engine. Due to cost effectiveness, simplicity, and capability to adjust countless engine properties, engine simulation software has been frequently used in recent studies. We will be using Ricardo WAVE which is an ISO approved commercially accepted one dimensional (1-D) engine simulation software. We wish to find optimum exhaust runner length so that the reflected pressure waves reach the exhaust port when the exhaust value opens which results in exhaust of combusted gases effectively which in turn increases the engine performance.

IC Engine
Exhaust tuning
Ricardo wave