Medical Image Segmentation

Charge | 2020

The aim of the project is to segment nuclei in H&E histopathology images of tissues of colon or rectum for the effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Histopathological classification of gastric and colonic epithelial tumours is one of the routine diagnosis tasks for pathologists.Computational pathology techniques based on Artificial intelligence (AI) would be of high benefit in easing the ever increasing workloads on pathologists, especially in regions that have shortages in access to pathological diagnosis services.According to global cancer statistics, stomach and colon cancers are amongst the most common leading causes of cancer deaths in the world, with stomach cancer ranking fourth in men and seventh in women, and colon cancer ranking third in men and second in women. The effective diagnosis can help in proper treatment and this has been targeted in this project for colon or rectal cancer. Hence nuclei segmentation in histopathology images using deep learning methods can provide key information for identifying the presence or stage of a disease.

Deep learning
Nuclei segmentation
Image processing
Image segmentation