Real time Speech Recognition system

Charge | 2020

Speech Recognition technology has become an increasingly popular concept in recent years. From organizations to individuals, the technology is widely used for various advantages it provides.We can already see its applications in Google Assistant ,Siri etc which have accuracy rate of 95-97%. One of the most notable advantages of speech recognition technology includes the dictation ability it provides. With the help of the technology users can easily control devices and create documents by speaking. Speech recognition can allow documents to be created faster because the software generally produces words as fast as they are spoken, which is generally much faster than a person can type. Dictation solutions are not only used by individuals but also by organizations which require heavy transcription tasks such as healthcare and legal. This speech project divide into two parts:-DSP for feature extraction and ML for converting audio to text comparing with millions of samples in dataset. Our project aims at providing fastest real time solution for speech to text conversion.

MEL Coefficients
Linear predictive coding
Neural Networks