Design and Analysis of Bridge Girders using IRC, Euro codes and AASHTO specifications

Concrete | 2020

The bridges are the super passage or a pathway over the obstacle without changing the alignment of the way beneath. The present study considers the design of bridge girders both longitudinal girders and cross girders. The span of the bridge is taken as 25m in which girders are constructed. The size of longitudinal girders is taken as2000x500 mm and cross girders is 1500x250 mm. There are three longitudinal girders are considered having spacing 2600 mm c/c and cross girders are considered as 5000mm c/c. The design of girders is carried out using the software STAAD Pro. In this study of bridge girder design, three same models are prepared in the STAAD pro and then their loadings are changed according to IRC codes, Euro codes and AASHTO specifications respectively. According to these different loading we found the shear force, bending moment and area of steel in longitudinal girder as well as cross girder. The analysis is conducted in STAAD Pro and analysis results are compared with tables and graphs.