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The Indian Society for Technical Education – NITK Chapter is one of the oldest technical clubs at NITK that is dedicated to providing enthusiastic students with an avenue to explore interests in fields apart from their academics. With various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) constituted in the club, the members have the opportunity to truly branch out from their academics and explore other options that may contribute to their careers, or just out of their love for learning. The SIGs housed within ISTE – NITK are Charge (Electronics), Crypt (Computer Science and IT), Chronicle (Literature), Credit (Commerce), Concrete (Civil), Clutch (Mechanical) and Create (Graphic Design), with recruitments conducted every year for the same. Besides this, the club also conducts events, workshops and seminars throughout the year for students within NITK.

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Named in honor of ‘Cryptography’, the art of writing and solving codes, this SIG is aimed at coding enthusiasts. From hackathons, coding competitions and web designing, to app development, AR/VR workshops and Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs), this SIG is an ideal destination for the tech savvy. Crypt organises its flagship event Cryptonite annually, in addition to being the brains behind the ISTE Website and the Scotland Yard app.



A SIG which has seen the rise of the past 4 ISTE Conveners through its ranks, Charge is focused on embedding enthusiasm for electronics in NITK. Over the years, this SIG has soldered itself to the hearts of many through innovative seminars, interesting projects and hands-on workshops on topics such as, but not limited to, Microcontrollers, IoT and Robotics. The SIG also takes great pride in actively contributing to Technites, one of the flagship events of ENGINEER.



ISTE Credit is a commerce-oriented SIG that helps students explore topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and economics. The SIG conducts Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs) and undertakes several projects that cover various branches in commerce, giving its members an opportunity to discover interesting avenues. In addition to this, Credit also conducts events such as Biz Week and Spectacle.



A non-technical SIG in an exclusive technical club, Chronicle is one of ISTE’s true success stories. It is a literature-oriented SIG, aimed at kindling and harnessing a passion for the same. The key highlights of freshman year in college includes Scotland Yard, Chronicle's flagship event. Besides that, the SIG maintains the official ISTE Blog, and is also involved in undertaking creative projects, with a podcast series in the works.



ISTE Clutch caters to automobile and mechanical enthusiasts and delves into practical applications of several concepts by undertaking interesting projects. It emphasizes on design and dynamics of various machines, and conducts workshops and Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs) for a better understanding of the same. The CATIA workshop and T-minus conducted by Clutch are highlights of ISTE’s annual calendar.



An ISTE exclusive, Concrete is a Civil Engineering-oriented SIG. Starting out as an innovative experiment, Concrete has managed to build up a solid reputation for itself over time. The AutoCAD workshop conducted by Concrete has become a major draw among juniors. The SIG also holds regular Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs) and has undertaken various interesting projects.


Create is ISTE's Graphic Design SIG and in many ways its unsung hero. Home to some of the most talented minds on campus, its members are well versed in softwares such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Sony Vegas, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. The SIG is the genius behind ISTE’s posters and trailers. They also conduct workshops on various editing softwares frequently.

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Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard, the flagship event of ISTE NITK, is the place to be for all freshmen as they explore their campus in an ultimate marathon that tests their logic, knowledge and speed in a race against time. This modern adaptation of a traditional scavenger hunt consists of a series of three rounds conducted in different locations spread across the campus. The event requires participants to complete various tasks which not only stimulate their logic-solving abilities but provide first year B. Tech students a chance to explore campus and interact with their fellow batchmates in a friendly competition.

Basic Electronics Workshop

The Basic Electronics Workshop is a practical, hands-on workshop where first year electronics enthusiasts are taught circuit-building and implementation over a duration of six days. The participants are guided during the workshop by Charge, the club’s electronics SIG as to how to use components that they might not have been familiar with earlier and build various circuits. This helps enhance interest amongst students in electronics and gives them an outlet to apply various concepts that they learn in their college courses to actual circuits.

Catia Workshop

A CATIA Workshop is organized by the club’s mechanical engineering SIG, Clutch. The event is targeted towards first year B.Tech students, with the aim of introducing them to the key concepts of this popular modelling and simulation software. The session comprises of a comprehensive approach to aid in the familiarization of the software for interested first years. The club members support juniors in making the software easy to learn, understand and implement. Over 50 participants attend the workshop annually, all of who are thoroughly immersed in a unique and interactive learning experience.

Samsung Appathon

This event was organized in collaboration with Samsung and was one of many such Appathons hosted in top institutes around the country. The event was open to all students irrespective of year or branch and saw great participation across the board. Students formed teams to work on developing voice intelligence support for Samsung’s assistant, Bixby, for phonetic languages. The winning three teams were granted 2 month summer internships at the Samsung Research and Development Institute Bangalore.


Escalate is the annual event conducted by the Concrete SIG of the club that spans over two rounds and two days. The event involves first year B.Tech students building hydraulic lifts with everyday materials such as syringes and ice-cream sticks, employing all their creative energy in devising these ingenious structures. The event provides them with an opportunity to use prior knowledge in a hands-on manner as they compete against other teams to build the most creative and structurally sound model.


T-Minus is a one of a kind mechanical engineering event held annually by Clutch, the club’s mechanical SIG. It is aimed at giving freshmen a hands-on experience in aerodynamic design and experimentation. Students are armed with the knowledge and materials required to build their own rockets under the certain given parameters. Participants compete against each other in a rocket launching face-off based on design and the distance travelled by the model rocket.


Transcend is the annual week-long technical fest of ISTE. Lasting over a period of 5 days, the technical fest consists of a wide spectrum of competitions and workshops organized by each SIG (Special Interest Group). The workshops are comprised of seminars and hands-on sessions on topics like Cryptography, AR/VR, Photoshop and Photography. Botstacle, an event where participants are first trained to make robots from electrical components provided in a kit and then compete in a race to the finish is also organized. The event Contrive exposed participants to a practical session on building bridges and barracks with everyday stationery, teaching them the basics of stability in foundational structures.


Spectacle, a flagship ISTE event, is an inter-class competition carefully crafted for freshmen to involve them in a friendly, fun and informative session. This four round competition features students in teams of 3 from each class being tasked and tested on their verbal, analytical, literary and managerial skills in a series of challenges. The first round consists of a written test on general knowledge, pop culture, current affairs and literature. The second round consists of a series of three tasks designed to challenge the team’s literary, oral and word-building abilities. The third round requires them to make and present a business plan in collaboration with opponent teams. The final round is a large-scale quizzing showdown in a game-show format between the classes with the winning team ultimately bringing eternal glory to their section.


Cryptonite is the annual coding event held by ISTE’s Computer Science SIG, Crypt. The event is divided into 3 rounds. The first round comprises of a written test to assess participants’ knowledge on basic C language coding and computer technology. The event, aimed at first year B-Tech students, sees a large number of enthusiastic participants annually, all determined to make it to the final round. Teams that qualify for the second round compete in a hackathon where each team racks their brain so as to progress to the next round. The third and final round is divided into two parts- the first part is a rapid fire oral quiz followed by the second part in which each participating team has to come up with a problem statement. Teams qualified for this round are all assigned a mentor to guide them in coming up with an algorithm or code to solve their problem statement and implement their ideas.

Biz Week

BizWeek is ISTE’s annual business, finance and management fest that hosts a series of talks and competitions targeted at students interested in these fields. Organised by the Credit SIG of the club, the weekdays consist of a series of four talks covering topics such as Stocks and Finance, National Income Accounting, Fiscal Policy and Marketing. Empire is a three-day long competition open to all B.Tech students devised to challenge the participating teams by testing their business calibre and analytical skills. The three rounds are conducted over the weekend, consisting of a written test, a marketing challenge and an international trade simulation. Empire marks the culmination of the weeklong BizFest.

AutoCAD Workshop

The Civil Engineering SIG of the club, Concrete organized a workshop on AutoCAD for freshmen. The workshop covered basic and introductory concepts of the drafting software application. Over 120 participants were involved in this event to obtain an improved awareness of the software as well as a fun introduction to the basics of design and drawing in AutoCAD, facilitated by club members.

Advanced Electronics Workshop

In succession to the Basic Electronics Workshop conducted in the previous semester, the Advanced Electronics Workshop is organised by the electronics SIG, Charge. The 3 day long workshop involves teams of upto five members who learn to work with NodeMCU microcontrollers, learn about Internet of Things and build a heartbeat sensor circuit from scratch, with guidance from ISTE members. The event also helps participants familiarise themselves with electrical components such as breadboards, capacitors, resistors, LEDs, NodeMCU, etc. and provides them with essential practical experience in electronics.

Social Initiative

Social Initiative

At ISTE NITK, we believe that a good student organization moulds a good community just as much as a good community moulds a good student organization. Social Initiatives was conceptualised as ISTE's way of giving back to the community and attaching a deeper meaning to what we do. Through the Social Initiatives Committee, ISTE attempts to elevate technical education and erudition to a social instrument that can help achieve the true purpose of Science - positive change and the betterment of society. In previous years, the club organised career-counselling sessions for the students of the English and Kannada medium KREC schools and helped conduct personality-development competitions to encourage budding talents. Last year, 80 students belonging to 8th grade of the KREC English Medium School were taken around campus to four different stations at which ISTE members taught them essential and useful life skills such as self-defence, personality development, arts and crafts. This was followed by a session on first-aid by a doctor from Srinivas Medical Institute, and a career guidance session by members of the club. The cogs have been set in motion for a plethora of future initiatives that endeavour to accomplish enterprising technical goals that can assist social change.


The Core

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Shantanu Vijay

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Jessina Cherry

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Srijit Kumar

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Chief Coordinator

Devika Suresh

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Technical Coordinator and Credit SIG head

Nihar Raichada

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Technical Coordinator

Shashank Vijay

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Events Coordinator and Concrete SIG Head

Vignesh Vinayaka Murthy

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Charge SIG Head

Radhika Pai

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Chronicle SIG Head

Lakshminarayanan Krishnan

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Chronicle SIG Head

Sofia Ummer Sahib

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Create SIG Head

Rajgauri Khemnar

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Create SIG Head

Praneeth Pichika

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Crypt SIG Head

Avanika B Rathnakar

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Crypt SIG Head

Samarth M Gowda

Executive Members

Final Years

Aakash S
Abhilekh Shrivastava
Amith Kini
Apurva P
Ashika Nayak
Hemanth Kumar K N
Mohit Soni
Mrinmayee Joshi
Nagarakshith M S
Nikhil Shet
Nisarga G
Nishtha Maloo
Nitish Upadhyay
Pradyumna K S
Prajwal N
Rahul Kumaresan
Raveesh Sinha
Ria Kulshrestha
Rupashi Sangal
S Vasuki
Shannon Gonsalves
Sharon Simon
Shraya Sapru
Shreyansh Sajal
Sneha Naik
Suraj Hegde
Vilohit Kaza
Y S V Sandeep

Third Years

Abhijeet Ghosh
Adithya S Iyer
Aditya Shah
Akshay Kishan
Amal Mohan
Amulya Kumar
Aneesh Dixit
Ashwin KV
Chitransh Lodha
Darshan D V
Divya Pentela
Dominic Davies
Gauri Baraskar
Gayatri Indukumar
Ian Prateet Jathanna
Joshua D'Cunha
Keerthana Kamath
Kevin Tom Kurian
Kshitiz Khatri
Lasya Reddy
Mohit Bhasi
Nabin Regmi
Neha D Shetty
Nihar Chitnis
Priyam Kumar
Rahul Ramesh
Rithika Cherukat
Rohith Fernando
Sai Chaitanya Boddu
Sanjay Nayak
Sarang Kalantre
Shubham Raj
Shushant Kumar
Siddhant Waghjale
Siddharth Kapoor
Stuti Ananta
Subiksha Prakash
Sujay Simha K M
Sushil Vanka
Tanya Cecilia Pinto
Thejaswi S
Vasavi Udupa
Vishal Sinha
Yash V Dodeja

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Shantanu Vijay (Convener)
Phone : 96113 43895
Email ID : istenitkchapter@gmail.com
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