Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


Finance, Economics, Stocks, Marketing and a tinge of Entrepreneurship - Credit is the one stop destination for talented, yet hardworking individuals who have an 'inducement’ ( if you'd like to call it) for the above in an engineering college. 

Our year revolves around multiple business oriented events, year-long projects, Blogs and KEPs. 

Is Credit a place for you even if you don’t have a proper understanding about any of the above mentioned topics? Well, absolutely.

If you are hard working and interested to learn, the Credit family brings you up to speed with the help of Knowledge Exchange Programs (KEPs) catered to your every need. 

You will meet people who have interned in various business roles, headed various projects and even won competitions.

All in all, it’s a place for you to develop, discover and decipher the different career paths that lie ahead of you.


ISTE Create was the first media SIG to be formed within a technical club in NITK. It is a platform for talented editors, photographers, videographers and other such budding artists to showcase their talent.

ISTE Create handles media and publicity work for all ISTE events and has grown tremendously as a SIG from it's recent conception. It is the only media SIG in campus to have exclusive events and project displays at the project expo.

ISTE Create is always ready to explore new ground with in various fields not usually explored in NITK such as 3D animation, Music production etc.

We aim to have a greater online presence for to showcase some of the masterful work done by ISTE members and to facilitate a culture of creativity and spread knowledge about design within and outside of NITK.


CONCRETE, as the name suggests is a special interest group that focuses on implementing ideas in the field of civil engineering. It is a group of both talented and passionate people who believe in putting new  and innovative ideas into action which is well reflected by the projects that were completed in the past year. Optimizing vehicle routing and structural design, making new materials that are eco friendly and studying techniques for seismic retrofitting were some of the diverse projects from different spheres of civil engineering that CONCRETE successfully completed. Every year CONCRETE also conducts events and workshops to improve skills that are vital for every budding civil engineer. Our team consists of competent final years and third years who are open to, and encourage novel ideas that can make a difference.


Clutch is the mechanical SIG of ISTE. We are enthusiastic about all things mech, from automobiles to aerodynamics, from thermo to mechanics, from robotics to dynamics, and the list just goes on. We take up projects based on experimentation, build working models as well as those based on simulation. We also conduct various software-based and theoretical KEPs throughout the year and conduct events focused on skills learnt in KEPs and develop an interest in the topic for both the members as well as those taking part in the events.


Chronicle is more than just a Literary SIG. It's a group of people who converge with their offbeat interests and ideas to create some beautiful things. 

Chronicle's members bond over a wish to add an aesthetic twist to an otherwise purely technical coterie. 

From the campus-wide adventure event- Scotland Yard, to the aptly named Spectacle, from the quintessential bookworms' go-to event, 'Bibliophile' to the various Knowledge Exchange Programs and workshops conducted on topics across the board, Chronicle has something fun for everyone!




ISTE Charge is the SIG for budding engineers passionate about everything electronic. 

One of its flagship events is the Basic Electronics Workshops which introduces freshers to common electronic components and the world of microcontrollers.

Charge also holds other technical events that bridge the gaps between theory and practicals such as the Tech Dev workshops on different domains in ECE and EEE and Technovate, a competition that tests the participants' ability to creatively solve engineering problems.

Besides these, Charge members work on challenging projects throughout the academic year in fields like Robotics, Internet of Things, and Signal Processing, to name a few, that are displayed to professors and fellow students on the annual Club Project Expo.


Crypt, an abbreviation of ‘Cryptography, is a SIG which aims to overcome technological barriers by implementing new versatile software and technologies. From hackathons, coding competitions and web designing, to App development, AR/VR workshops and Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs), this SIG caters to those who are eager to showcase their skills in the field of Computers. While Crypt is primarily known for its annual flagship event Cryptonite, it is also the brain behind the ISTE Website and the Scotland Yard app.


Catalyst is our latest SIG focused on chemical engineering activities. Formed by a small group of enthusiastic members, and being the only SIG across all clubs in campus to lay emphasis exclusively on aspects of chemical engineering, Catalyst aims to become a SIG that gives a boost to those looking to have a future in the same field. The SIG plans to hold Knowledge Exchange Programmes (KEPs) and undertake various interesting projects and events in the future.

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