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The Indian Society for Technical Education, NITK is the oldest, and one of the biggest technical societies in NITK. ISTE NITK strives to supplement the campus’ academic environment by conducting a host of different technical events, workshops, and annual projects, aimed at making learning fun, insightful and impactful. With a host of various Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, our community specializes in domains ranging from various branches of engineering, to business, literature and media, ISTE NITK constantly strives to develop its’ members technical capabilities, and nurture a sense of creativity

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

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To deCrypt our comp SIG is not an unchallenging task! Crypt is home to all things Computer Science. We are a team of passionate programmers enthusiastic about our interests and eager to broaden our spheres. We constantly strive towards learning new skills and updating our knowledge through various KEPs, projects, and exciting events.

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Charge, one of the biggest SIGs on campus, is a haven for budding electronics and electrical engineers. We at Charge cater to the needs of all individuals and nurture them through projects, KEPs and numerous events. We emphasize on innovation and strive for excellence. If you are interested in all things electronic, then this is the place to be.

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Surrounded by a cohort of technical enthusiasts, if you're the one who's fascinated by the business side of the products, then Credit is something to be looked at. Having developed prowess in Finance, Economics, Marketing, Business Strategy, Credit continues to infuse diverse domains emerging like Product Management, Business Analytics and much more in it's kitty to ensure that you get exposure to everything here. Personal development through KEPs, projects coupled up by various opportunities to develop your inter personal skills, Credit is a place to be in.

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The Chronicles of ISTE are regaled across the campus, and generally, they revolve around the quirky members of the Chronicle SIG. We are a fraternity that fosters creativity, differing opinions, and being yourself. As Chronicle members, we bond over a wish to add an aesthetic twist to an otherwise purely technical coterie. To be a part of Chronicle, all you need is a splash of creativity and quirkiness.

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Clutch as a SIG is a very interesting one. We don't do all the fun projects alone! We have members with varying fields of interest but still able to implement it in a mechanical project. We have projects in collaboration with Charge and Crypt along with complete mechanical projects also. That sure makes things interesting, doesn't it?!

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Being the only Special Interest Group in the campus focusing on the field of civil engineering, Concrete is a family of enthusiastic and passionate people sharing interests in different spheres of Civil Engineering. We conduct knowledge exchange programs(KEPs), workshops and events to develop vital skills required in a civil engineer. If you have the passion for civil and a keen interest to learn, Concrete is the place to be!

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This is Create. We Create. Create what though? Media. Be it projects, events, KEPs on things like photography, videography, animation or music production, we do it all. If you have a passion for anything creative, we're the place to be.

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Catalyst is a special interest group of ISTE-NITK dedicated to engineering applications in the field of Chemical Engineering. Through multiple events, KEPs, and Projects, Catalyst aims to bring out the technical aspect of chemical engineering in everyone. Catalyst provides a platform to always learn more!

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